Livewire Tyres

How to check your tyre size

How do you check tyre size? The best way to find out your tyre size is to physically read it from the side of the tyre wall. The example above has a size of width:195, profile:55, diameter:16 and speed:V. 

195 is the nominal tyre section width in millimetres.

55 is the profile aspect ratio of the tyre; meaning the height of the tyre's cross section expressed as a percentage of its width. It is often called the tyre's profile (as in low profile tyres).

16 is the diameter in inches of the wheel rim that the tyre is fitted to.

The number in brackets is the maximum load a tyre can carry.

Please remember that the best and only way to check the tyre size is a visual check of what is written on the side of the tyre. Do not rely on owners manuals or ringing the garage since this way mistakes can often be made.